Saturday, March 1, 2008

Detroit, MI (St. Andrew's Hall)

Last night's show was at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. This was the band's first time playing this venue. The show was awesome! This was definitely the best show of this run. (This wasn't the biggest show or anything, but the band got their best crowd response by far at this show.)

The crowd was way into the band's set. Tons of cheering and a core group of kids chanting along. Corey leaned out into the crowd at the end of their set (during 'Formula') was awesome! The crowd loved it. The guys were busy signing stuff and meeting fans for a while after their set. The merch booth was hopping too! I was definitely busy, which was great.

Pierre (singer of Simple Plan) had a pretty bad cold, so he was having some trouble singing. As a result, the band played a shortened set. They made up for it by doing a meet-and-greet after their set.

After the show, we started heading toward Chicago. We hit some horrendous weather and got a hotel in Ann Arbor, MI. On our drive, I got a call from Simple Plan's tour manager. He told me that tonight's sold-out show at the Metro (in Chicago) had been cancelled (for undisclosed reasons). This was a major bummer to us. This was going to be The Grad's first Metro show. We understand that things come up though. We're crossing our fingers that the show gets rescheduled for sometime in he next few months.

Overall, these four dates with Simple Plan were amazing! It was great exposure for The Graduate. We can't thank them enough for taking us out with them. Hopefully there will be more Simple Plan/The Graduate dates down the road. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that too :)