Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bloomington, IL (Holiday Inn Express - West)

This past Friday night, the guys played a show at The Holiday Inn Express - West in Bloomington, IL. The show was put on by two Bloomington girls, Sarah and Paige. It was their Birthday show.

The room the guys played in was pretty small. It could probably fit about 90 comfortably. The turnout ended up being somewhere around 60-70, so the room was pretty full. The guys played well and the crowd liked them. There were a few kids going pretty crazy. There were three solo artists who opened the show (Vince, Brandon Carnes, and Mark Rose). We were the only fully electric band on the show.

After the show, we hung out at the hotel for a bit. The girls hooked us up with two rooms for the night. We had a normal room and a presidential suite! It was awesome. I ended up going out in downtown Bloomington for a while. It was my good friend, Laura's, birthday, so I met up with her to celebrate. We saw Hairbanger's Ball play and it was awesome as always.

After the show I came back to the hotel and crashed out. It was a great night!

Springfield, IL (Club Chrome)

On December 28th, we played a hometown show in Springfield, IL at Club Chrome. This was a venue that we had never played before. It was actually really cool. It fits 1,000+ people and the stage is pretty legit. It's the best venue we have in Springfield right now. I hope we can start playing some shows there...

Anyways, this show was The Junior Varsity's last show EVER. This is a big deal for the central IL music scene. The Junior Varsity were around for about six years, and they were inspirational to a lot of people in our music scene. I know that I was a huge fan of them. I always looked up to them when I was in my old band. They were always a step ahead of us (they had a record deal, toured nationally, etc.). I really really enjoyed this band and hate to see them go.

The show ended up being awesome! There were around 700 people there. This is HUGE for a Springfield show. We've never played for more than maybe 400 in Springfield. I'm sure a big part of the draw was because it was the JV's final show. I believe that we drew a substantial amount of the crowd as well. Our guys played really well and they got the best crowd response they've ever gotten in Springfield. There were some sound issues during their set, but they were minor.

Two other bands (Greenwood and Wise & Burn) were on the bill as well. It was great playing with them. We use to play with Greenwood in our old band....they're really good guys. Wise & Burn is a new hometown band that our friends started. Once they find a lead singer, they'll be set. I look forward to seeing what this band does.

It's safe to say that everyone had a great night! I love when the guys play big hometown shows. We'll have to get another one lined up in the near future!

Peoria, IL (The Vineyard Cafe)

The night after the Quincy show, we played a show at The Vineyard Cafe in Peoria, IL. Our buddies, The Forecast, headlined the show (Peoria is their hometown). Spitalfield and a local band were on the bill as well.

The show ended up being really good. The room was pretty small, but it was definitely packed. I would stay 175+ people were there. The guys played pretty well and the crowd was into it. There was a mic that kept fall off Tim's snare drum, so I had to keep running on stage and taping it down. Eventually, we got it to stay in place.

I really enjoy playing in towns around central IL. We normally do pretty well there and it's just a good place to build up a solid following. I hope that we can play some more shows around the midwest in the near future..

After the show, I went out in downtown Peoria for my buddy, Seth's, birthday. It was a blast! We ended up seeing an 80's cover band called "Hairbanger's Ball." I'd seen this band play many times in college, and alwaysloved it! They're a blast. I also got to hang out with my good friend, Caleb, who was home from Florida (for the holidays). Overall, it was an awesome night!

Quincy, IL (Turner Hall)

The guys played a headlining hometown show at Turner Hall in Quincy, IL on December 21st. The show was awesome! There were 300+ people there and the guys killed it. Our friends, The Forecast, played on the bill (along with two local bands). Half of the proceeds were donated to the Salvation Army. We were able to donate around $1,100 to them! Really cool.

The guys played the longest set they've ever played (about 14 songs). They did played really well and the crowd went nuts for them. This ended up being the biggest Quincy show they've ever played! Overall, it was a great night.

Chicago, IL (WGN TV Performance)

Alright, I've been slacking on keeping up with this blog for about the past month, so I'm going to catch up on everything today...

On December 20th, the guys did a live performance of their cover of "Blue Christmas" on WGN TV's morning show. It went really well! The studio where they performed was really nice. It had an actual stage and everything. (We're normally a little concerned that these TV stations aren't going to have the proper equipment to handle us, but this one definitely did!)

We rolled up to the station at 7am and were out by around 10am! The program they performed on ("WGN in the morning") has a really high viewership in Chicago. Apparently more people in Chicago watch that morning show than Good Morning America! Pretty sweet.

I hope we have an opportunity to play on this show again. It was some great exposure and it went over really well.