Monday, August 25, 2008

Murray, UT (Murray Theatre)

The last show of the tour was at the Murray Theatre in Murray, UT (right outside of Salt Lake City). The show was awesome! There were about 900 people there. Since it was the last night, bands were playing tricks on each other all night long.

While our guys were on, the other bands got into our van and took out all our bench seats. The put two rows on the top of our van, and the brought the other two rows on stage (during the band's set). It was pretty funny!

During Playradioplay's set, we took the tires off their trailer and rolled them onstage.

My American Heart got it pretty good when their lead singer got "kidnapped" and another guy (who looked somewhat similar) ran on stage and did an imitation of him.

The prank that got pulled on Secondhand Serenade was amazing. There were two big screens (facing the audience) during the show. Well, before Secondhand's encore, some guys from the tour put up a picture of Secondhand's singer, John, in booty shorts and a cutoff shirt. haha. The kicker was that they put "Call Me!" (and listed his real cell phone #) on the screen for the whole crowd to see! He's definitely going to have to change his #...

After the show, we took a big picture of the whole tour. Everyone said their goodbyes and we began our 24 hour drive back home. I got home early this morning. We made great time on the drive!

I can't believe the tour is already over! It went really well. This was definitely the biggest/best tour we've done yet. I hope we get to do more tours of this caliber in the near future!

Colorado Springs, CO (The Black Sheep)

Friday night, we were at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO. The show was sold out. Everything went pretty smoothly. I had a few friends come out to the show.

We stayed with our good buddy, Matt, after the show. Unfortunately, we only got to sleep about 4 hours before we had to wake up and head towards our next show in Salt Lake City, UT.

Omaha, NE (Sokol Underground)

The Omaha show was decent. It was apparently sold out, but it only looked about half full. The show was at a venue called Sokol Underground. It's basically just a basement of a building.

We all had a good time though. We had an 8 hour drive to the next show, so we drove 4 of it that night...

St. Paul, MN (Riverside Ballroom)

We were in St. Paul, MN the next night. Whenever we hit the twin cities, we always play Minneapolis. This was our first time playing St. Paul. The show was sold out (700 people). It was ridiculously hot in that room!

The show went well though. We had some awesome greek food at a restaurant across the street from the venue.

Madison, WI (Majestic Theatre)

We were in Madison, WI the next day. Every time we're in Madison, we play a venue called "The Loft." This time we played The Majestic Theatre. It was a big upgrade from the Loft!

The show was sold out! It was awesome. The sound was really good and everything went really smoothly.

I really like Madison. I hope we never play the Loft again. Haha! The Majestic Theatre trumps that place..

Morton, IL (New Life Christian Church)

The tour had an off day, so us and Rookie Of the Year shot down to Morton, IL (about an hour from our hometown) to play a one-off show.

The show ended up being a bit of flop, but we still had fun. Our best friends in The Forecast came out to support. We hit up a bar with them after the show and we had way too much fun. It's always great seeing those guys.

Green Bay, WI (Riverside Ballroom)

The Green Bay show was great! There were about 800 people there.

This venue had a lot of history. I talked to the owner for a while after the show, and he had some interesting stuff to say.

Apparently The Red Hot Chili Peppers played there about 20 years ago. Thy did their infamous thing where they come on stage wearing only socks.....well, the police came after them and they ran out of the venue. They got caught! ha. A few months later, they were playing stadiums. Pretty crazy!

Also, Buddy Holly played his 2nd to last show there.

This was our first time in Green Bay, and it was great. I hope we get to go back there soon..

Chicago, IL (The Metro)

We finally played the Metro in Chicago. The guys had been looking forward to this show for a long time!

The show went really well. There was a great crowd and the guys got a great crowd response.

I had a ton of college friends come out to the show. It was great seeing all of them!

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I love Chicago! We've got our first headlining show there on September 6th (at Subterranean). I'm really excited for that!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Detroit, MI (The Magic Stick)

Last night, we were at The Magic Stick in Detroit. This was about the fifth time we've played this venue.

Last night's show was definitely the best Magic Stick show we've played. There were about 500 people and the guys got a great crowd response.

After the show, we drove overnight to Chicago.

Our show tonight is at The Metro in Chicago. This is the first time we've ever played there. We were supposed to play there in February with Simple Plan (and the show was already sold out), but it got cancelled last minute.

I think tonight will be a great time. I'm stoked for it.

Grand Rapids, MI (The Intersection)

We were back at the Intersection in Grand Rapids on Thursday. The show was SOLD OUT! (800 people)

The guys played pretty well, but the crowd was pretty dead. We did decent on merch though, so I guess the crowd must have been into it!

After the show, we drove to our hotel outside of Detroit.

Cleveland, OH (Agora Ballroom)

We were at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on Wednesday. This was the second time we'd been there. The show was pretty solid.

Cleveland has always been a weird city for us. The crowd was decent though.

After the show, we drove to Toledo and got a hotel for the night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lancaster, PA (The Chameleon)

Last night was Lancaster, PA. The venue was called Club Chameleon. We'd played here once before on the Mayday Parade tour.

The show ended up being bigger than I expected. There were 800 people there! Everything went pretty smoothly.

I don't really have a whole lot to say about Lancaster, PA. Ha.

We left after the show and drove about three hours. We're in Cleveland tonight, so we figured we would get a head start on the six hour drive from Lancaster to Cleveland.

Tonight should be a fun show. We have some friends coming from Erie, PA. We're looking forward to seeing them.

Monday, August 11, 2008


We had another day off today. We spent it at our hotel outside of NYC. Everyone slept in today. It was great!

This was our last off day of the tour, so I'm glad we got to enjoy it.


We woke up in Albany, NY yesterday. We made a trip to Ken's house. (Ken is the president of the record label). He had a BBQ with the band and some family friends. It was awesome! It was a great way to relax on our day off.

After that, we made our way to our hotel in Newark, NJ (by the airport). It was a solid day.

Clifton Park, NY (Northern Lights)

We played Clifton Park, NY (suburb of Albany) on Saturday. We'd never played there before. The venue was ok, but the sound was pretty bad.

The show itself was pretty good. We got some new t-shirts, which is always nice! We've now selling 8 t-shirt designs, a hoodie, a tote bag, booty shorts, (and shortly we'll have koozies). Pretty cool!

After that show, we stayed at a hotel in Albany. It was another late night! ha

Hartford, CT (Webster Theatre)

We were back in Hartford, CT on Friday. We played the Webster Theatre. This was our second time playing the big room at this venue. (Last time was with Simple Plan in February).

The show was decent. There were a lot of kids. The sound was pretty bad, but the guys still played pretty well.

This was one of the better times I've had in Hartford though. After the show, we went back to Tony T's place. (Tony works at our label.) We were up way too late having way too much fun! It was great.

South Burlington, VT (Higher Ground)

We were in South Burlington, VT last Thursday. We'd never played in VT before. I have to admit, I really like that state! It was really clean and the weather was great. I felt like it had scenery comparable to the pacific northwest.

The show was great. It sold out (about 800 people) and everything. The catering at the venue was awesome. We had halibut, stuffed peppers, and wild alaskan rice. Definitely a nice change of pace from the normal stuff we eat on tour!

After the show, we stayed in a hotel outside of the city.

I hope we get to play in VT again sometime soon! That state is great.

New York, NY (Blender Theatre)

The Blender Theatre in NYC was our next stop of the tour. We got to the city a few hours before load-in and we went to our label. We said hi to everyone and then went out to lunch with them at PJ's (our favorite italian restaurant in NYC). Lunch was great!

After lunch, we went to the venue. The show ended up going really well! The guys played well and they got a great crowd response. Corey did an interview with (who also did a review of the show). The review can be found here:

After the show, we went out in the city for a while. We hit up Angel's and Kings (Pete Wentz's bar). It was alright. It was really crowded. I hit up another bar nearby called "Hi-Fi" with some friends.

It was a good night!

We left the city pretty late and headed to CT to stay with Tony (from our label).

Phildadelphia, PA (Trocadero)

We played the Trocadero, or "Troc" (as bands and locals call it). This was our first time there. It was sweet!

Philly is always a good time. I'd love to get a day off there sometime....see the city and whatnot. We've been out on South Street before, and that was fun!

In time, I'm sure we'll get to see more of the city.

DAY OFF (Baltimore, MD)

Last Monday, we had a day off in Baltimore. It was great!!! We went to our favorite records store, Soundgarden. We then hit up our a bar and grabbed our favorite Baltimore beer, Resurrection.

After that, we went to Birches. It's a great restaurant that has mind-blowing macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, it's only a seasonal item, so it was unavailable. We all settled for some cheese fries....they were awesome.

Ahhh, Baltimore is always great. I wish we could go there more often!

Towson, MD (Recher Theatre)

The Townson show was great! We've played Baltimore a lot, but never played Towson.

The venue was great, the show was packed, and everyone was happy.

We staye dwith our friends Julia and Jacqueline after the show. This was the beginning of their three day mini-tour with us...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Richmond, VA (The Canal Club)

Saturday night was Richmond, VA. We played a joint called The Canal Club. I'd heard of this place for a long time, but we'd never played Richmond before.

The venue was decent. Pretty tiny.

Richmond was awesome, but we really wanted to be in Baltimore with our best friends instead.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Norfolk, VA (The Norva)

Last night, we were at the infamous Norva in Norfolk, VA. I'd heard about this venue for a long time. Everyone said that it has the best backstage/green room area......they're right!

There were ping pong tables, pool tables, showers, a jacuzzi, laundry, arcade games, etc. It was insane! The club was really nice.

The show was pretty solid too. After the show, we went to our hotel in Norfolk and chilled for a few hours.

I made the drive to Norfolk, VA today. I'm sitting here at our merch table right now just waiting for doors to open.

My five year class reunion is tonight. I'm missing out, but I'm not too bummed about it. I think five years is a little soon to see what everyone is up to. Hopefully I can make the 10 year!

Greenville, SC (The Handlebar)

Greenville, SC was a good time! We played a venue called The Handlebar (derived from the handlebar mustache). The venue was cool. They had an in-house restaurant, which was great!

The show was pretty solid. Huge stage and pretty good sound. After the show, we drove to Charlotte, NC and crashed for the night.

We woke up the next morning and finished off our drive to Norfolk, VA.

I'm glad we're getting to play all these new cities. Each night, I have people coming up to me saying that they came just to see The Graduate. Pretty cool. I hope we hit the Carolinas again in the near future.