Monday, August 11, 2008

New York, NY (Blender Theatre)

The Blender Theatre in NYC was our next stop of the tour. We got to the city a few hours before load-in and we went to our label. We said hi to everyone and then went out to lunch with them at PJ's (our favorite italian restaurant in NYC). Lunch was great!

After lunch, we went to the venue. The show ended up going really well! The guys played well and they got a great crowd response. Corey did an interview with (who also did a review of the show). The review can be found here:

After the show, we went out in the city for a while. We hit up Angel's and Kings (Pete Wentz's bar). It was alright. It was really crowded. I hit up another bar nearby called "Hi-Fi" with some friends.

It was a good night!

We left the city pretty late and headed to CT to stay with Tony (from our label).

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