Monday, August 25, 2008

Murray, UT (Murray Theatre)

The last show of the tour was at the Murray Theatre in Murray, UT (right outside of Salt Lake City). The show was awesome! There were about 900 people there. Since it was the last night, bands were playing tricks on each other all night long.

While our guys were on, the other bands got into our van and took out all our bench seats. The put two rows on the top of our van, and the brought the other two rows on stage (during the band's set). It was pretty funny!

During Playradioplay's set, we took the tires off their trailer and rolled them onstage.

My American Heart got it pretty good when their lead singer got "kidnapped" and another guy (who looked somewhat similar) ran on stage and did an imitation of him.

The prank that got pulled on Secondhand Serenade was amazing. There were two big screens (facing the audience) during the show. Well, before Secondhand's encore, some guys from the tour put up a picture of Secondhand's singer, John, in booty shorts and a cutoff shirt. haha. The kicker was that they put "Call Me!" (and listed his real cell phone #) on the screen for the whole crowd to see! He's definitely going to have to change his #...

After the show, we took a big picture of the whole tour. Everyone said their goodbyes and we began our 24 hour drive back home. I got home early this morning. We made great time on the drive!

I can't believe the tour is already over! It went really well. This was definitely the biggest/best tour we've done yet. I hope we get to do more tours of this caliber in the near future!


LA Egg said...

That is sooo funny. Hope to see you guys soon! Happy Spanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Where's the band now?

Anonymous said...

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